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My neighbours had a glass sliding door at the back of their house. Mom always said they were weird which is probably why they didn’t find it strange that a small child (me) was sitting in the bush spying on them as they ate their dinner. Forever curious, I would sneak into the forest and yards behind our houses and look for clues to mysteries that I hoped existed.

My interest in exploring all things weird and quirky fueled my childhood adventures, and it has continued throughout my adulthood. I met strange characters along Alaska’s Top of the World highway, and in remote Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, a place accessible only by helicopter in the summer, through a sea of mosquitos. I called secret phone lines at night to get into raves; encountered a giant Australian man - with an ever-present thick froth of spit taking sanctuary in the corners of his mouth - while teaching English in Ulsan, Korea; discovered the bizarreness of giant empty new mansions in West Vancouver; noticed the gunpowder on the hands of people at the rifle range; and observed the ubiquitous white-gloved hands of drivers in Seoul. I started a live experimental electronic music artist duo, performing live around North America (and twice at the infamous Berlin club, Berghain); ran an international music video festival in Vancouver for 5 years; got out of a fix in Japan by listening to an old man's life story; married my artistic partner—and gave birth to two of the coolest little humans I know.

I’ve received numerous industry awards and was selected as one of Applied Art’s Young Blood Talents early on in my career. My work was on the cover of the Applied Art’s Photography Annual and I’ve had a solo exhibition during the Capture Photography Festival. As one half of The Automatic Message, I’ve received two travel grants and a large project grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. The project is a four-channel immersive film installation and will be released in 2024. Keep your eyes and ears out!

I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and two kids. I work across Canada and am happy to travel worldwide, especially if I can meet some more interesting characters on the way.