Claudia  Martel
(450) 821-4928

Claudia Martel began her career as a photographer and content creator dabbling in food and product photography as a hobby. Claudia has always had an eye for composition and aesthetic. She attended Art School and Université Laval, where she refined her skills and delved deeper into marketing and consumer relationship management.

It wasn’t long thereafter that she designed personal content for her own social media platforms, when companies started reaching out to collaborate with her on a professional level. As an environmentalist, Claudia developed her company Ethical Digital Agency to promote only vegan and ethical products that align with her personal values. “These values are not only important to me and the current market, but for the sustainability of the future.”

Claudia’s concentration and passion for commercial photography has led to working with brands across the spectrum including Wholesome Culture, Aux Vivres and BKind. Claudia has traveled across the world and developed working relationships to promote sustainability.

From New York to Miami, Europe and Bali she is always open to collaborating with ethical brands that coincide with her personal and professional ethics.

“Do good, receive good” is her mantra and the best advice she would give to a budding photographer. “If you start on the basis with something you are passionate about, only good can come back to you. People will see it in your eyes.”