Catherine  Belanger
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Catherine Belanger is a portrait and documentary photographer. She grew up in Quebec City, where her family ran a camera repair shop, steeping her in the world of photography from a young age. She studied film development at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa, and has a Diploma of Photography from CFP Maurice Barbeau. Her work has been featured in the French photography exposition l'Été des Portraits, as well as winning top prize in Quebec’s Jardin du Patrimoine. 

Catherine’s career has encompassed a variety of work, taking her from Quebec across Canada, to the West Coast, and Jamaica. She spent several years with the production company Filmiris as a videographer, and has taken on a number of commercial contracts with businesses throughout the country.

Her passions outside of photography play a major role in her creative ventures, such as her karate black-belt, which imbues her life with a sense of discipline, and her love of the outdoors, which led to a decade spent working as a tree-planter. Over this time, Catherine accumulated a body of photos capturing the reality of the tree-planting lifestyle which she had never seen accurately portrayed before. These photos resulted in an expansive collection that was later published and distributed by the tree-planting organization Reboitech.
Other publications of hers include Mon Quartier, a collection of photos capturing an intimate look at the many faces and identities within her Quebec City neighbourhood. These images highlight Catherine’s passions as a photographer - focusing on the individuality of every person and place she photographs; establishing an egalitarian connection between camera and subject.