Adrian  Zator

I grew up in Manitoba, north of Winnipeg and I currently reside in Burnaby, B.C. with my partner Barbara.
The diverse cultural experience of my early years coupled with the beauty of the natural environment where I grew up sparked a fascination with drawing and painting.
The purchase of my first 35mm camera in 1975 led to my lifelong passion for photography and the creation of images. For a long period in the 80s I shot almost exclusively in black and white, spending long hours in the darkroom processing and printing. The candid black and white work of Henri Cartier-Bresson was and continues to be a great inspiration.
In the 90s I began to shoot more of the natural and human environment. I gravitated towards colour film and fell in love with the rich palette of colours and detail that I could obtain by using fine grain film and shooting on a medium format camera.
Since 1998 I have had the pleasure of exhibiting my work at numerous venues in the Greater Vancouver area. This experience over the years has given me the opportunity to continue my work as a photographer and to stretch my creative wings.
Recently I have been especially inspired by the work of Andre Gallant and Freeman Patterson. My latest work has involved the sandwiching of 2 or more transparencies and or negatives together to create montages.
At the beginning of 2007 I left my fulltime employment of many years at Mountain Equipment Co-op to pursue my passion for photography on a fulltime basis.